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As mentioned, lamp projectors have the maximum normal light supply, and there are some motives for it. For starters, lamp is the maximum low-cost option on the list. Projector lamps have been made and replaced for quite some time, so if the lamp eventually fails, it can be replaced. Typically, projector bulbs will last between 3,000 and 4,000 hours, although the rated time should be indicated on the projectors’ spec-sheet. The lights are amazingly bright, but not the brightest option anymore. So if illumination is a challenge you should research laser projectors instead.

Laser projectors provide great illumination
Laser projectors are brighter ways than lamp projectors, and they do not require bulb replacement, so despite their initial startup fees, you can save money in the long run if you plan to use your projector. Laser projectors generally provide a better comparison than lamp projectors, meaning that blacks are a little deeper and darker, and whites are a little brighter, for a more delicate image in the long run. Last but not least is the fact that lamp projectors have more power than lamp projectors. Switching-off? Expensive. Laser projectors cost a lot more than a lamp, so you have cash left over, unless the blessings are worth it.

LED projectors have better colors & live longer
Last but not least there is an LED projector which provides some blessings on lamp projectors. For starters, bulbs used in LED projectors have a very long life span, regularly used for up to 20,000 hours.

In addition to the extended lifespan, LED projectors provide additional shades and are quieter than lamp projectors because they have much more power and do not require a fan for cooling. For those purposes, LED light sources are often observed in micro percentage projectors. The main alternative of LED projectors is that they have restrictive brightness.
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