Lens Styles

We have purchased and tested five top-tier mini projectors. Our reviewers spent 243 hours on Netflix, gambling video games and additional streaming. When using those small projectors, we urge our testers not to forget the crucial functions that range from their throw to their portability. We’ve explained the important things right here so that you also understand what to look for when shopping.

What to look for in a mini projector
Throw – The throw distance of the projector means the distance between the projector and the photo on display. There are long throws (usually arranged at the roof of a large room), shorts throws (usually 3 to eight feet) and projectors with very short-throws (about 0 to 4 toes). It is critical to forget about the setup of your room to decide what you want.

Lumens – The Lumens score projector will tell you how little light can be output, which is important to make sure you get a powerful enough photo. Although mini projectors are often less effective, a projector of 1,000 lumen or more should be suitable for home theater use. Again, the dimensions and brightness of your room are very important here.

Portability – If you are interested in a mini projector, you can throw it in your bag to take to class or celebrations. While all the mini’s are very portable, there are a few picos available that fit comfortably in your hand.

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