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The Pico projectors have greatly improved their brightness, battery time and image, but few have as much concept and hardware in the speaker as this new product by Anchor. The Nebula Capsule is a fully portable entertainment option, Amazon Alexa-fashioned, 360-degree omnidirectional speaker. The cylindrical seamless aluminum body combines speaker and projector in a transportable and sturdy structured layout. In addition to the room-filling sound, the nebula capsule shows a clear picture of the DLP’s Intellibrite rules maximizing a hundred ANSI lumen projector. The image is awesome and can be resolved up to 100 inches. Smart Connectivity Nebula’s all-in-one capability revolves around the use of Android 7.1 to run and stream apps like Netflix and YouTube directly on the tablet. This smart mini-projector is definitely an alternative for everyone and everyone, they just need a clutch tool and go with them in their backpack to bring complete cinematic joy.

Anchor Nebula Capsule Capsule

Best for business: Optoma ML750ST

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Sure, it’s expensive, but the Optoma ML750ST is well worth its steep rate tag. The LED projector has a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and can increase video content to 1080i. With seven hundred lumens, it gives high color accuracy and produces a beautiful, stunning image.

The short throw ratio of the ML750ST is zero. Eight: 1 is satisfying for its excellent photograph. Most projectors require at least one from 1.2: 1. The Five: 1 ratio, the ML750ST alternately sits close to the larger image.

The ML750ST features run-of-the-mill connectivity options such as an HDMI port, USB port, 3.5mm audio output and a microSD slot. Its integrated document reader makes it an excellent choice for commercial applications. You can assign PDFs, DOCs and extras from USB toe power, so you can hook it up to a computer. Unfortunately, it does not have an internal battery, so you want to live in an energy outlet, but when used in an office setting, it’s not a problem.

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